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Fullscript is thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Emerson Ecologics and its Wellevate platform. As one, we’re poised to reach more practitioners and patients, offering them both a simpler path to lifelong wellness.

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Fullscript + Emerson Ecologics

We’re a match made in health

We truly believe integrative medicine is the future of healthcare - a future where we can focus on promoting health and wellness rather than disease management, where care is personalized and optimized for each individual’s needs, no matter where they are on their health journey.

Here’s why we’ll be better together.

Bright Minds

Experts in medicine, technology, data, and more come together to empower a new age in healthcare.

Brilliant Technology

Better tech will give you more time to build relationships and treatment plans with less for coordinating care and adherence.

Best-in-class Service

Fullscript’s award-winning customer service will help you and your patients during this transition and beyond.

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Dr. Jeff Gladd, MD

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